We Will Secure the Benefits that You are Entitled to by Law

The experienced Social Security Disability lawyers of the law office of Pawlowski, Bilonick, & Long will assist you with your initial claim or appeal for Social Security Disability benefits. If you have a chronic, debilitating disease or condition that is expected to last for at least 12 months or result in death, you may have a valid claim for Social Security Disability Benefits. Our law firm will help you navigate the extensive bureaucratic red tape involved with Social Security Disability claims and will secure the benefits that you are entitled to by law.

Pawlowski, Bilonick, & Long in Ebensburg, PA can help you file for Social Security Disability benefits which can be a daunting task for anyone unfamiliar with the process.

Is Illness or Injury Keeping You from What You Deserve?

Many individuals attempt to apply for Social Security Disability benefits on their own, without proper legal counsel. Most of these individuals have their claims denied. The Social Security Administration has very specific requirements regarding medical conditions, documentation, the application process, etc. and strict time limits apply. If you happen to disregard or misunderstand any aspect of the process, your entire claim will be invalidated. The procedure can be grueling, even for professionals. The process can be extraordinarily taxing for individuals with illness or injury to navigate competently, particularly those who are already very sick or dying.

Disabled people are often denied their rightful Social Security Disability benefits because they are simply too sick to competently complete the complicated application process that the Social Security Administration demands. Don’t let that happen to you. With one call to the office of Pawlowski, Bilonick, & Long, we can immediately begin filing the paperwork and gathering the evidence for your Social Security Disability claim so that you will have the means to care for your basic necessities with dignity during your period of convalescence or hospice care.

File Your Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits Promptly

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the Social Security Disability application process and quite knowledgeable regarding all of the intricacies involved with successfully securing your rightful Social Security Disability or SSI financial benefits. Even with professional assistance, it is crucial that you file your claim for benefits promptly. We recommend that you file as soon as you suspect that your condition may be serious, chronic, or likely to result in death. The reason for this is that even under the best circumstances, there is an extreme backlog of Social Security Disability claims. Even if it is abundantly clear that you are a severely disabled individual in need of Social Security Benefits immediately, you are likely to still face a waiting period that may last for several months to several years before your claim is examined. Do not delay. Contact the law office of Pawlowski, Bilonick, & Long right now at (814) 472-7046!